I was born in Toledo, OH. Growing up, I moved around often before I found a love for country music. After a period of time, I found myself wanting to expand creatively. Having already played guitar and fingerpicking for over ten years, I picked up the five-string, open-back banjo and found an entirely brand new sound. 
I believe music can bring us together. If you look at the banjo itself, it is a hybrid of African and European designs and sounds. There's the proof right there. Every time you hear and see music artists of different backgrounds coming together, it shows us that we can also do this, not only in music but in daily life.

Michael Rix is a Banjo Country Music artist based out of Nashville Tennessee. He is a cult survivor author, actor & singer songwriter. He tells his redemption story in his book From Cult To Country (An Asthmatics Journey To Find More Air). You’ve probably seen him in the Bank of America National marketing campaign of Ken Burns PBS “Country Music” (currently airing).

From Cult To Country:   Available on Amazon:  http://bit.do/FromCultToCountryBook

Bio:  Bank of America's website : http://bit.do/KenBurnsPBS-BankofAmericaBio Also on Bank Of America’s YouTube https://youtu.be/12O94Wu2szc

Endorsements:  Michael Rix is endorsed by Recording King banjos.

MAP:  MAP international aka Medicine for All  Michael Rix is endorsed as a cure pack artist for top Forbes Charity serving 29 million people with out medical access each year giving them life saving medicine. 

Listen:  Spotify:    https://open.spotify.com/album/7apEIZvb4t9BRoM8eqwr3E
                YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClkvGdlvdBdWjCpNu9BdJ1Q