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Posted on 04/12/2024

https://www. Hello, I am Mercy Poteet, and I invented an outrageous fireplace fire pit aka the @FLAMESTACKER!

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New Smokeless Fire Pit in Franklin -Grill Rotisserie Smoker Convex Oven. Converts to a Picnic Table & Umbrella.

Availabe with the following options:

1. Grill

2. Smoker- shown

3. Rotisserie-not shown

4. Convection Oven - shown

5. Picnic Table ~ metal mesh top - not shown in this video

6. Umbrella

7. Extinguisher Barrel

8. Flame Stacker Cover

Comes full assembled except for the attachments

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Today, most people don’t grow up using fire as a main heat source, so many of us aren’t aware of how dangerous an open fireplace or fire pit can be. We all make mistakes; fire only takes one misstep resulting in a life-altering disaster and maybe death. Most fireplaces/fire pits are not safe!

Introducing Flame Stacker, the world's most advanced design, safest, eco-efficient, lowest smoke, hottest by far, most enjoyable, and durable fire pit/fireplace:
Like nothing else, multi-point patent-pending, revolutionary design is history's most significant breakthrough in fireplace/fire pits.
Low safety rail for pets and children to help maintain a safe distance from the fire chamber
Stainless steel spring-cushioned top safety rail for grown-ups that dramatically reduces the likelihood of falling
Instant, easy fire extinguisher barrel
Full containment stainless steel fire and spark chamber
Stainless steel ash-pan
No-touch safety handle to add firewood
Eco-friendly, measurably the hottest by far, and lowest smoke!
Proprietary design features burn wood hotter and cleaner, producing much less smoke while protecting the environment.
The see-through elevated burn chamber directs much higher levels of radiant heat to ground level, giving incredible warmth to your feet and legs more than any other fire pit/fireplace.
Most enjoyable
Yes, that’s subjective, but we think you’ll agree! Being warmer, not fighting smoke, in a safe environment, and most accessible to use year after year, it seems most enjoyable.
It only takes 30 seconds to empty the ashes!
A 360-degree full-length burn cylinder gives you a clear view of the entire fire from any position.
Surprisingly movable for two people.
Made in the USA
Heavy steel and stainless steel materials
It comes fully assembled and needs no maintenance.
It never needs to be replaced.
It comes with a heavy vinyl rain protector slipcover.
Extra Options!
Umbrella picnic table
Stainless steel grill with convection oven hood
Indoor or under-roof accessory

I hope to see you out there around the Flame Stacker. Be safe, and have a great time! Let us hear from you.

Mercy Poteet

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Time Stamps for Google Ranking

0:00 Intro
0:09 Hi My name is Mercy Poteet
0:20 Unboxing
0:32 Removing the Extinguisher Barrel
0:48 Using The Wrench
0:55 Disclaimer This Unit is a Demo
1:02 Stainless Steel Screen Will Not Rust
1:12 How to Clean
1:21 How to Remove/Install the Ash Pan
1:52 How to Remove/Install the Ash Plate
2:17 Starting A Fire
2:56 Use Completely Dry Wood For a Smokeless Fire
3:04 Adding Firewood
3:18 Closing the Draft Lid
3:43 Warning Do Not Use Excelerants
4:18 Safety Bumper
4:34 At 25 Minutes – A Smokeless Fire
4:47 How to Grill – Installing the Grill Attachment
6:37 Do Not Use Like a Grill Surface
6:56 Using the Convection Oven/Smoker
8:02 Lets Eat Somethin
9:37 Never Paint the Grill
10:18 To Order

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